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Scint-X Raises SEK 5 Million in Growth Capital from Praktikerinvest

The Swedish company Scint-X has secured SEK 5 million in invested capital from Praktikerinvest. The funds will ensure that Scint-X can continue the commercialization of its products and to build up high-volume manufacturing capacity of x-ray scintillators.

Kista, Sweden - April 23, 2012 - Scint-X, the developer of a novel and unique x-ray scintillator device based on its patented structured scintillator technology, announced that it has raised SEK 5 million in growth capital through a private placement to Praktikerinvest AB, a subsidiary to Praktikertjänst AB.  In the previous investment round, Conor Venture Partners and Sting Capital invested a total of SEK 10 million.

Scint-X has its technology roots at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. The company has developed a patented scintillator technology to serve the x-ray industry with significantly higher resolution and image quality.

The funds will be used to further develop ongoing projects with international customers and to build up high-volume manufacturing capacity in Kista, Sweden. In addition, the patented technology will be developed further.

"The investment enables us to build up high-volume manufacturing capacity of scintillators and
that we together with our customers can take a strong position on the international market for digital x-ray. It is a proof of concept that an investor from the dental and health care sector chooses to invest in Scint-X. The industry knowledge and contacts that Praktikertjänst has, will benefit Scint-X and give us even further insights into our customers' needs", says Mikael
Andersson, CEO at Scint-X.

"Praktikertjänst has had its eyes on Scint-X for quite some time and we have had the possibility
to test the products. We are very pleased to be able to finance this innovative company and thereby contribute to the development of better image quality for digital x-ray. Praktikertjänst can contribute with industry knowledge in dental and medical x-ray and we see great potential in this company. With a new generation of x-ray scintillators, Scint-X has the possibility to set a new
standard on the market ", says Björn Svanström, CEO at Praktikerinvest.

For more information please visit Scint-X at or contact:

Mikael Andersson, CEO at Scint-X:, +46 70 515 2600

Björn Svanström, CEO at Praktikerinvest:, +46 70 274 1832

Scint-X develops and markets a technology for enhancing the performance of x-ray digital imaging
detectors, based on its patented and innovative structured scintillator technique.
Scint-X enables its customers to build x- ray systems with unprecedented image quality and with very high resolution. For more information, please visit

Praktikertjänst is
Sweden's largest group of companies within the sector for private, commercially operated dental care and healthcare, where the 2,120 shareholders themselves run the practices/laboratories throughout the country. The shareholders are professionals who work as dentists, dental technicians/laboratory managers, dental hygienists, doctors, physiotherapists,
psychoanalysts/psychotherapists, nurses, midwives, and others. The group also includes fifteen subsidiaries. Group sales 2011 was SEK 8.9 billion and the number of employees was 8,760.