Scint-X - Structured Scintillators

For Your Business Case

Need convincing?

A Scint-X structured scintillator gives you up to 4X higher resolution and double the contrast. Not to mention that we're a flexible company and not in competition with our clients. Still not sure that Scint-X is for you? Here are the clear business advantages in short:


With a Scint-X scintillator you can easily double your contrast capability with reasonably short development and integration time, normally in 6 months or less. 


A scintillator is easy to replace and fits the same physical dimensions as other scintillators.


Larger active area compare to the needle scintillator


Please take a look at the photos below. These images show a line pair grating with up to 20 line pairs per mm. It clearly illustrates the difference in image resolution and contrast captured with two scintillators: a semistructured needle scintillator (left) and a structured scintillator from Scint-X.

Need more convincing still?